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How I became this version of me
October 6, 2008

A girl who has become the bearer of all romantic truth amongst her friends and colleagues, a love doctor if you will whom at the same time cannot find her own prince charming. Like in The Wedding Planner when Jennifer Lopez states, “You know those who can’t do teach? Those who can’t wed, plan!”

I do find it rather bizarre that my friends tend to congregate for my advice in this area considering I don’t feel that I have any experiential wisdom to truly be an effective love guru. In truth writing anything on the topic would be a complete sham because my first word of wisdom to dispense would be to have every viewer go out and buy “He’s Just Not That Into You” and turn off the computer.

Personally, my biggest issue to overcome in order to join the evil army of codependents is the simple fact that I like “Me time” far too much. Having someone attached to me at all times is just suffocating to me. Even being attached by a phone line can make me feel claustrophobic. Can’t I just have a minute’s peace? And no you sexist bastards cleaning the house or doing laundry does not count. I like to watch my movies, read without interruption, listen to my own music and drive my own car. Perhaps I’ve evolved past it. Maybe I needed to have some significant romantic connection by 21 or some certain age or else they would forever disgust me. My relationship clock was ticking this entire time and I ignored it to the point that the battery died out.

Unfortunately those key moments, events, and locations still exist in which being a twosome is the preferred way. So how does one guarantee that special someone will be present at the essential moments while at the same time maintaining the freedom that makes her/him who she/he is? When you have the answer to that you’ll be the smartest woman or man alive!


Doom and Gloom
October 6, 2008

Although the majority of an interventionists energy is spent on busted relationships, one needs to realize that the interventionists life is not always about doom and gloom. We promote relationships just as often as we reject them. When our friends are scared, or possibly still feeling damaged from their past love affairs, we remind them that true love is out there, and when a really great guy passes their way we are sure to shake them out of their post breakup funk to take a shot at the new guy before the chance passes them by.

Relationships aren’t the only areas that we interject our highly sought out wisdom in because although relationship advice does end up taking the majority of our time, there are also family, employment, and even health issues that you are questioned about. In some bizarre rationale, the fact that you’ve successfully distributed advice in regard to one aspect of someone’s life, you must be a genius in all of the other aspects as well. From the mundane to the elaborate, you unwittingly perhaps, have become the go to girl for decisions that for whatever reason just appear to be too complex or delicate to be solved by oneself.