It’s the moment that you know that you made the right decision regarding a relationship. Maybe you had a gut feeling about a guy and you walked away from a seemingly perfect relationship that made your friends want to tear their hair out in frustration/confusion. A few weeks/months later you find out he just had a shotgun wedding with pregnant bride and you can smile and say, “Phew, dodged that bullet”!

You walk away from a job and the boss lashes out at you for “abandoning a golden opportunity” and you berate yourself for not being strong enough to continue with the passive aggressive abuse/career training. As time passes you see that no one is able to withstand that torture for longer than 6 months thanks to the revolving door of job postings. A great “it’s not me, it’s you” moment showing you’re not actually weak at all.

On a night out on the town you see your old crew and for a second it looks like they’re having an absolute blast without you. But you take a closer look and you notice the bartender giving the waitress the signal to cut them off. You see the busboy cleaning up the broken glass under the table from a tipsy spill that you know too well. Then you see the friend who replaced you as team babysitter and know exactly what the rest of her night is going to be like. In that moment you smile to yourself, clink you drink with some drama-free friends and toast to a fantastic night that doesn’t involve crying, falling down, paying for an entire table full of drinks, and threats of being kicked out followed by threats of DUIs if you can’t get everyone into a cab.

We’ve all had felt that twinge of fear or regret. Did I make the right choice? What would my life have been like if I had stuck with option A instead of B? Most times we aren’t given a window to see what that would have looked like and in low moments it’s easier to go with the grass is always greener philosophy. That boss would have become tolerable and would have let me move up within the company. I could have been living happily ever after with that guy. That’s why these little peeks are so fantastic and incredibly inspiring. My life path has jumped all over the place but you know what, I know I’m still heading in the right direction and I’ve corrected for errors or oops situations from my past.


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