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Long Distance Relationships: LA Style
August 13, 2010

There isn’t a single person I know who hasn’t had some instance of the widely popular yet rarely successful long distance relationship. The phrase “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” only gets you to a point for most relationships before turning into “I was working late” or “I don’t know why that chick/dude answered my phone”.

A relationship fits into the long distance category when the 2 parties are in different states or at least different areas/cities that require 2+ hours to set a date. However, in LA, it can take 2 hours to go 20 miles, thus some have gotten choosier when it comes to finding a mate. Not only do they have to be attractive, intelligent, funny and making a good living, we now add the criteria of being “geographically desirable”.

For those not in the “Thirty Mile Zone” you may think we are being unreasonable. To better express the issue I will provide you with an example of my former commute to illustrate the traffic situation. My first apartment was 12 miles from my job, which was a miracle and impossible to find. For the first 8 miles, I was always able to make good time (translation 45-50 in a 65 mph zone) but for the last 4 miles I would crawl at 5mph. A commute that should take 15-20 minutes takes an hour. Thus no one wants to go farther than they absolutely have to. Valley people date valley people, and Westsiders do the same. Should you choose to enter into such a relationship be prepared to spend more time on the road than together, unless you want to move into the weekend move in phase of the relationship.

Everyone has their own range that they are willing to travel for the possibility of love. Personally, I’ve determined that I can only handle a 2 highway distance. For instance, my apartment to North Hollywood is acceptable because I would take the 405 to the 101. Burbank doesn’t work because I would connect the 101 to the 134 thus out of range.

Some may find this method too harsh but after review and countless conversations with members of both sexes, I’ve discovered that my tolerance level is comparable to most in the LA area. It is hard enough to stomach the commute for work, so why add the extra stress, pollution, and gas mileage to your vehicle when you could be spending the 2+ hours that you would be spending screaming on the 405 at a bar or restaurant meeting Mr. Right…ok maybe just Mr. Right Now but you get where I’m going with this.